Hands-on BloodHound: Intro to Cypher Workshop

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Hands-on BloodHound: Intro to Cypher Workshop

Insight Summit Series 2018

Bloodhound is an open-source Active Directory object relationship graphing tool. Initially designed for offensive purposes, it has lately become a tool of choice for defense, as well as regular admins wanting to have a clearer picture of their domains/forest.

In this session, attendees will learn the core Bloodhound concepts and UI navigation, before diving into Cypher - the Neo4j database query language. Understanding the basic Cypher syntax is important for users to start writing custom queries, including ‘Metric’ queries that can not be perform in UI. Various Cypher input techniques will be demonstrated, as well as a custom PowerShell tool build to interact with the Bloodhound Database.


Basic understanding of core Active Directory concepts. An Active Directory Summit is offered on November 13, 2018. The Hands-on BloodHound and the Active Directory Summit can be bought as a special package.


  • Reds & Blues
  • (Windows) Security Folks
  • AD admins
  • IT Students

Material required

  • Laptop with Windows - min 8GB RAM & NIC (VM is also ok).
  • Course material and exercises will be provided as pdf.

Course Outline

  • 1 - What is BloodHound?
    • Intro to BloodHound & relational databases
    • BloodHound Node types and relationship
    • Sharphound: Harvesting and Ingesting AD data
    • Initial Setup & Sample DB
    • Self Discovery & UI Secrets
  • 2 - What is Cypher? -Intro to neo4j Cypher language
    • BloodHound Cypher 101
    • Custom Cypher Queries (UI/Browser)
    • Cypher over REST API
    • Maniplulating BH DB with Cypher
    • Advanced Neo4j Syntax tricks
    • Pulling AD metric from BH DB
    • Tool Demo: CypherDog15
  • 3 - Session Wrap up
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